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As a wedding videographer I work with a lot of different wedding photographers. Even though we each work individually, we make a real team on the wedding day. I find it extremely important to have a good collaboration together and to get along well. So, the beauty of their photo is not all, you have to also look at their kindness, professionalism and collaboration during the wedding. We work together with the same goal in mind: to offer the couple who are getting married the best memories we can and to be as effective as possible with the time we have.

I made a selection of 5 of my favorite Montreal wedding photographers. Most of my choices fell on photographers who offer a moody, vintage and bohemian style, comparable to my own style of films at Marek Sarosiek films with a few other having a more bright and warm style. It’s a style of photography that is very romantic, and lends itself just as well to traditional weddings as it does to intimate weddings and Elopements.




  1. Geneviève Roy Photographe

Photography is a delicate and magical way to make your moments of happiness last over time.

Pose romantique, mariage intime, Geneviève Roy Photographie Romantic intimate wedding pose by Geneviève Roy Photography

I met Geneviève Roy at a wedding at Manoir Montpellier in the Outaouais region. It was a bohemian wedding, one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever filmed. Geneviève was extremely kind and accommodating. We really teamed up together almost as one company. We were in constant communication and the images we took were breathtaking. She took pictures in the forest, by a lake and even in an old barn which was almost dangerous to enter.

She also contacted the owner of the Manoir to make sure we could enter the barn, as well as the owner of the private land in the forest to make sure we were allowed to take wedding photos. Geneviève Roy not only takes your wedding photos, she takes care of you and makes sure everything runs smoothly throughout the wedding day. With it, you will be in good hands and you will not be disappointed.

Her style is a bit peculiar and different from what I’m used to seeing, her photographs are very dark & moody, and her way of framing and capturing emotions is unique. I love her wedding photos and I am sure they will fall in the eyes of many bride and groom.

Check out her portfolio on her website :



  1. Kerstin Hahn Photography

Wedding photographer Kerstin from Kerstin Hahn Photography at work.


I met Kerstin during a creative project of several wedding vendors in the lavender fields of La Maison Lavande. She was remarkably kind and simple. Her wedding photos are incredible, she knows how to capture emotions just at the right time. She specializes in intimate weddings as well as Elopements, and her style is rather bright, warm and rustic. Kerstin is English speaking and originally from Austria. She found her heart in Montreal and wedding photography is her passion.

Check out her portfolio on her website :



  1. Auguste Photographie

Wedding photographer Kim Hurley from Auguste Photographie at work.

Auguste Photographie is Kim Hurley, a wedding photographer I met at La Maison Bohème during an intimate and bohemian wedding organized by Le Coeur Bohème. I immediately noticed her professionalism and her know-how. She was very well organized and following the schedule she wasted no time and knew what she had to do. I loved working with her during the photo shoot and ceremony, which took place in the forest.

Her style is a little moody without being too dark, and her photos have a little something serious and elegant that communicates simplicity.

Check out her portfolio on her website :



  1. MO Studio photographie

Wedding photographer Mélanie from MO Studio photographie at work.


MO Studio photography is Mélanie Olmstead, a wedding photographer passionate about her art, kind, simple and who does not take up space. She knows how to direct the couple to guide them to the poses she wants, but she is not overwhelming and she makes people feel at ease.
I have had the pleasure of working with Mélanie on a few weddings and have to say it has been a pleasant and stress free experience each time. She works extremely well with me and the other vendors, knows what she wants and even goes above and beyond her job as a photographer to help the couple as needed.
She knows how to capture the emotion of the moment very well and her style is natural and romantic.

Check out her portfolio on her website :



  1. Mariusz Photographe

Relive everything with elegance and simplicity

Wedding photographer Mariusz from Mariusz Photographe worked as Mariages en Images in the past. His philosophy in this video is still true today, and you can see me too !


Mariusz is my brother, yes! We have long worked under the same name as Mariages en Images. It was in 2019 that we decided to each work under our own name, in order to offer an even more personalized service to couples and to create our own unique style.

Mariusz offers warm, romantic and elegant style wedding photos. He knows how to manage the day to be as efficient as possible and he will know how to guide you throughout the day.

Since we have worked together for 6 years, we are used to teaming up together and make the perfect team for your wedding day. We will create the schedule together and will be very efficient without wasting time.

Check out his portfolio on his website :



In conclusion, I recommend all of these 5 exemplary wedding photographers. Their professionalism, know-how and kindness will meet your highest expectations and the style of their wedding photography will charm you. And don’t forget in your search for the perfect wedding photographer  to also check if the photographer’s personnality is a great fit for you.


PS : I will add 2 other photographers as a bonus, with whom I did not have the opportunity to collaborate, but I know they are also great photographers with a moody & romantic style and fits perfectly with bohemian weddings and Elopements: Julia Garcia-Prat Photography  and Gabrielle Desmarchais.