Advantages of an Intimate Wedding

You want to get married as soon as possible, but in this uncertain period of the Covid-19 pandemic, you will have to wait another year. Why not organise an intimate marriage? I’m not saying to sacrifice your wedding and the big party that comes with it. Why not organize a small intimate wedding this summer and a big party next year? The ceremony today and the reception next year. The idea of two parties rather than one enchants you? In addition, you will not have to plan an additional budget since it is like a wedding split in two.


Whether it’s a bohemian wedding, rustic wedding, classic wedding or simply a wedding in your backyard, I offer wedding videography for all styles of intimate weddings in Montreal and all the surrounding areas. Check out some examples of intimate wedding films here.


If you plan to hire a photographer or a videographer, you’ll spend less as they’ll only be there a few hours. Usually a 5-6 hour coverage is more than enough to cover an intimate wedding.

Couples who don’t want to wait use their ingenuity to find new ways to get married. Whether you are having a small ceremony in your backyard with a dozen people, or in church with as many guests, there is nothing stopping you from getting married as you see fit. Look at what’s going on around and choose what inspires you the most.

In Quebec, some couples already got married this year. Check out these great recen articles in the newspaper LaPresse : ¨Mariages intimes pour les gens pressé¨ and ¨Mariages réinventés en petits comités¨.


A video produced in partnership with Justine, owner of Dream It Yourself, the first non-conventional wedding dress boutique in Montreal

The benefits of an intimate wedding

Whether it’s the more intimate aspect that appeals to you, or being able to personalize it in your own way, or just a matter of budget, these are all the benefits of an intimate wedding.

Pose romantique, mariage intime, Geneviève Roy Photographie

most pictures on this post are by Geneviève Roy Photographe

There are many benefits to celebrate an intimate wedding :

  • Do it this summer, without having to wait until next year
  • Reduce the cost and budget of the wedding
  • A more intimate atmosphere and spending more time with each guest
  • Customize it to your image and really do what you like
  • Less expectations from guests, less stress
  • Less complex and easier to enjoy every moment
  • Easier to manage the schedule, it’s less formal
  • Less planning and research for the wedding
  • More ecological, less waste, flowers, gifts, invitations, …
  • Easy to organize a few weeks in advance and even do it last minute


There are few disadvantages to celebrating an intimate wedding, here they are:

  • There are certain fixed costs which will be the same as for a standard wedding, such as the dress or the rings.
  • You will have to deal with relatives who cannot be invited and explain the situation to them. Sometimes it will be necessary to face some frustrations.


And for couples who don’t like to be the center of attention, this is the perfect formula. It saves them a lot of anxiety and the pressure drops.

And nothing prevents you from celebrating big a year later, by organizing a big reception to celebrate your one year of marriage. In a way, you will celebrate your wedding 2 times. You will have 2 days of celebration with the same budget, how about that!

As you can see, wedding vendors are adapting quickly and new trends are emerging in the wedding industry. Intimate weddings are not new, but they are more and more in the mainstream. I think they will be definitely part of future brides and groom’s choices right now and in the future.