Wedding Videography pricing

Wedding videography pricing

Wedding videographers have the special ability to capture life in motion and preserve special memories. Investing in wedding videography is an invaluable way to relive cherished moments of your life and pass them down to your family as treasured heirlooms. Wedding videos are precious keepsakes that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Wedding video packages

I offer several packages that include full coverage of the day and high-end artistic editing presented in a 4k resolution wedding film.

Each package includes:

6 to 12 hours of coverage
2 videographers
Aerial drone footage
Artistic film (5 to 22 min)
Full video of ceremony
Full video of speeches and dances
Private online gallery

complete packages from only $2995

Contact me for more information.
Taxes not included.

He was a friendly professional to work with and the wedding video he quickly produced for us well exceeding our highest expectations. Our relatives and friends were astonished and mesmerized. We can relive this high point in our lives over and over, experiencing it like the first time each time.

As each wedding is different, I would love to hear more about your specific needs so I can give you a detailed quote. Please contact me for any questions and to discuss the best options for you.

Video de mariage mariée

Their biggest regret about wedding videography

Not having a wedding video is the biggest regret of couples after their wedding.

Don’t be one of them!

Couples that decided to have a wedding film often consider it to be the best investment of their entire wedding.

Don’t hesitate to consider a wedding video of your big day, because afterwards, it will be too late !