What is a bohemian wedding ? In a nutshell, it is an unconventional wedding, surrounded by nature, which evokes simplicity and romanticism, with elegance. What we also call a boho wedding, or a bohemian-chic wedding is an intimate wedding with about 50 people at most. Everything is done outside, there is no reception hall, often, no church either, everything is done in nature, in the forest or on a farm. It’s a rustic wedding with a vintage and rustic-chic look. The ceremony will take place in a forest or a farm and the evening will be an outdoor party under a marquee.


A video produced in partnership with Nadine from Le Coeur Bohème, celebrating Bohemian weddings at La Maison Bohème

What exactly defines a Bohemian wedding

Fleurs de mariage boho chic

The decor

In Quebec, we see this type of wedding more and more. Each year, small decorative elements are added to the very rustic and country style of bohemian weddings. Whether it’s the dresses, the bistro lights, the sofas outside, the flowers or all the small decor elements, everything evokes a vintage and dated look. The decorations can be handmade objects, vintage items from another era, or just simple things that encourage relaxed gatherings and dancing until dawn.


Bohemian wedding ceremony in the forest

The atmosphere

Ambience is one of the main aspects of a boho weddings. It’s a romantic and sweet atmosphere. The colors are very neutral and natural, we see a lot of brown, white, pale green, beige and pink. The style is inspired by nature, we see a lot of flowers, flower crowns on the head, a lot of carved wood decorations and old objects. Bistro lights under a marquee or in a barn reflect the warm and unifying aspect of bohemian weddings.


The couple

Couples who want to celebrate a bohemian-chic wedding are people who love simplicity, nature, and want to do something different. Going out of known styles doesn’t scare them and they want to do something in their image. Also known as hippie-chic, this type of wedding has become synonymous with freedom of mind and draws its influences from hippie culture.


Bohemian wedding couple in a field

Photography and videography

Photographers and videographers who offer a boho or vintage style will recreate the atmosphere of these rustic weddings with colors, tones and different poses. The images will be a bit darker than for a traditional wedding, with a warm color palette, such as orange and brown. In photos, the poses will be taken in a lifestyle style, capturing the real emotions and often in a very romantic style. On the video side, we will also play with colors to evoke the atmosphere of the day and capture true emotions. I also created, at Marek Sarosiek films a style where even the look of the wedding film, which evokes an old projector, with scratches, light flickering and film burn transitions, sets the tone for the Bohemian wedding even more.


Check out these photographers to find some great vintage and bohemian style photography for intimate weddings, Elopements and carefree people : Kerstin Hahn Photography, Julia Garcia Pratt photography and Geneviève Roy photography.


Ultimately, a Bohemian-chic wedding can be described as an intimate, non-traditional, rustic, country-style, vintage, clean and simple wedding for carefree couples looking to do something a little different.


Mariage bohème dans la foret