oh hey! I’m Marek,

A Montreal based Wedding Videographer

For the past 10 years I developed my craft and perfected my style to capture weddings in the absolutely best way possible. From the beginning I always loved the challenge and complexity of creating a wedding film. I pay close attention and I deeply care, not only about the schedule of the day, but about who you are and about what’s important to you. I want your film to reflect what makes you excited about your day, what’s so special and significant for you, what makes your eyes shine and your soul thrive. Today I craft these artistic films with passion that I’m proud of and that couples love.

Icône de coeur, films de mariage à Montréal

" Marek is really professional, pleasant and made sure to really meet our expectations. We could almost forget he was there, which is obviously a good thing because we really want to live every moment. We will cherish our wedding video all our lives.

Gaby & Steven

It's not only about memories, it’s a family heirloom to share with your children and grand-children.

Icone de coeur, vidéaste de mariage à Montréal