Of course you want each of your wedding photo to be beautiful… that’s obvious. What’s also as important is to portray your wedding day as it was. Will your wedding photos show exactly how you looked and be faithful to how you felt?

I believe your wedding photos should be real and authentic, portraying you as you genuenly are. They must show your uniqueness and style in a spontaneous way.

You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, you’ll probably shed a tear, not on demand, but just because it’s one of the best days of your life. The trick is to capture this moment just at the right time. A wedding photo frozen in time showing exactly how you felt at that moment.


Unobtrusive experience

An unobtrusive wedding photographer is key to having spontaneous wedding photos. Go ahead, enjoy your wedding and having fun. You dont need to pose for the photographer all day, and you dont want to stress out about your wedding photography. Having peace of mind knowing all your wedding photos are taken care of.

stress-free wedding day

Have a great experience taking each of your wedding photo. Not only you’ll just enjoy your day a lot more, but your photos will reflect how great and happy you felt.

Stunning imagery

Each of your wedding photo will be absolutely stunning. They’ll show raw emotions of you and your guests. Each wedding photo will be carefully adjusted to make you look even better. You’ll receive a ton of print ready, high resolution photos, in a beautiful web gallery.

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Frequently asked questions

How many hours of coverage do you offer?

Our basic packages include 4 hours of coverage for an intimate wedding and 8 hours for a typical full day coverage. We purposely tailored our packages this way so you won’t end up committing to too much or too little coverage before you’ve finalized your wedding planning. Once you have a schedule for the day, we’ll work together to choose the amount of coverage that you’ll need and add some coverage hours if needed. On most weddings, 8 to 10 hours of coverage comfortably covers everything.

What’s your photography style?

The best terms to describe our style of photography is lifestyle, candid and ‘’in the moment’’ captured photographs. We capture moments as they unfold with minimal posing. We don’t want to be intrusive or distracting on your wedding day. We want you to enjoy your day and we’ll capture those moments naturally. We’ll also show the beauty of your wedding by capturing the details, decorations and locations.

Do you offer discounts for photo & video taken together?

Yes! We will reduce the cost of your combined package by $500.

How many pictures will I receive?

Typically you’ll get around 400 photos for a 8 hour coverage. You’ll receive as much photographs as possible with our highest standard of quality.

Do you edit every single photo?

Yes. Every photo is carefully edited to make it look the absolutely best. We’re extremely picky about picture quality. All photos will be delivered in the highest resolution and quality.

How will my photographer and videographer work together?

Having both a Photographer and Videographer from Marek Sarosiek Films makes things run smoothly. We love working as a team, we help each other, are constantly in communication to be as effective as possible in the time we have. We work proactively together and we are one complete team.

When will I receive my photographs?

Our typical photography delivery time is 2 to 3 months after your wedding day, but we do our best to deliver it to you as fast as possible, often way before that deadline.

Do you offer photo albums?

We are currently developing an album option with our printing lab. More information will be available soon.

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