October 28, 2020

Dear dad… | A cambodian funeral in the midst of the pandemic

A funeral service held in Urgel Bourgie in Montreal.

The funeral video were filmed over 2 days and captured some very touching moments.


Dear dad…


You dedicated your life to us.

Thank you for raising Nataly and I to be brave.

Thank you for teaching us to be fearless.

We see you in mom,

we see you in your siblings

we see you in the brightest skies

and we feel you in the gentlest winds


know that everything we will do from this day forward,

we will do for you.

Every mountain we climb.

Every challenge we overcome.

Every success we achieve.

We will do on your behalf.


As we remember our father and as we grieve together,

we realize that grief is the price we pay for love.


Grief is like the ocean.

It comes on waves,
ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the worries come.


It’s overwhelming

and all we can do is learn to swim.


We promise we’ll take care of mom.

We will take care of each other.

When our father gave his last breath away,

he was happy and accomplished.

We love you…