Marek Sarosiek films now offers a live streaming service. Allow for those who can’t attend your wedding to watch your ceremony live on the internet. There are many reasons why a person you love can’t attend to your wedding, especially these days. Instead of postponing your wedding indefinitely, live streaming your wedding might just be the solution.


Cérémonie de mariage streaming

Offer them a great experience with different camera angles, high quality HD video and professional audio. Stream anywhere in the world so no one will to miss out on your most important day.

Offer for those who can’t attend to watch your ceremony live on the internet

There’s just something special about watching an event live!

Wedding Ceremony

Live Streaming

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Basic setup

Up to 1 hour of live stream
A private custom page for the video
Up to 4 cameras filming
Available after the event to enjoy anytime
Video file available for download
$695 +tx


Watch from anywhere in the world
Access video on a personalized, private page
Get a recording of your ceremony to enjoy anytime
Invite as many people as you like to view the stream
Up to 4 cameras, HD quality, professionnal audio
Recorded images can be used in your wedding film


Who can see the stream?

Your stream will be embedded into a personalized page on our website. Only people with the link to this page will be able to view the video.

Is the quality of the video good?

Streaming quality is dependent our equipment and the speed of the available internet at your ceremony site. We use the same high end video cameras and microphones for streaming as we do for filming weddings. Assuming we’re able to acquire a good internet connection, the audio and video quality of your stream will be very high.

Will the live stream equipment be cumbersome at my ceremony?

The setup of a live stream is less disruptive than filming your wedding. The cameras are staying in one place and we only need a small table that sits outside of the ceremony perimeter. Anyways, discretion and respect of the wedding is one of our core values, so we’ll do everything we can to be as discreet as possible.

What parts of my wedding can be streamed?

The ceremony is the main streaming event. It’s possible to stream your speeches and first dance as optional extras.

Can’t one of my friends just stream with his/her phone to Instagram or Facebook?

Sure, but the viewing experience would be less than ideal - especially the audio. We use professional cameras and microphones to make sure your viewers have then best experience. Also, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube automatically scan for music copyright violations. If you’re walking down the aisle to an unlicensed song, your stream risks being muted or taken down without warning. We use a professional, private streaming service where this is not an issue.

What happens if the internet connection is too slow?

We will do our best to test the internet speed ahead of time to ensure it’s fast enough. That said, internet connections are never guaranteed, and it’s possible that your stream may be unstable. As a precaution, we make a recording of the ceremony at the same time we stream it. If the internet goes down during your ceremony, or if the stream was unstable due to a slow connection, we will upload our recording as soon as we’re able to re-establish a connection.

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