Fiona & Juan wedding ceremony - Live stream page

Welcome to our Wedding !

Lo mejor sería que estuvieran aquí con nosotros, pero al menos así pueden acompañarnos de lejos. Los queremos mucho y los extrañamos más.


It would be just the best if you could be here, but at least this way you can share this day with us.
We love you and miss you all.
Fiona y Juan


Fiona & Juan’s wedding ceremony will be presented live here, on Saturday August 21st, 2021 at 4 pm (Montreal time zone). 

You’re also welcome to comment anytime, while it’s happening in the live chat on the right. (You must be logged in your Youtube account to leave comments.)

Note :
Due to the live aspect of the video, please take note that if by any chance the video quality is poor, or freezed, please try to reload the page, wait a few minutes and the video should return. If it doesn’t, please be assured it will be available a bit later in the day.

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