A funeral video

The sadness over the loss of a loved one is unimaginable. We have to grieve and it’s a process that takes time and comes in stages. The funeral as well as the various rituals are part of the process that helps us to pass these difficult times. We remember the good moments we spent with the person, their qualities, what good they did in the world and what united us.

A great way to help your recovery is to create a funeral video. It's a short 4-5 minute film highlighting the most important moments of the event. It allows you to review these last moments, to hear once more these touching testimonies and to relive this important moment with your loved ones. You can also share it with relatives who were unable to attend the funeral. It will helps you a lot in your grief.

It's a short 4-5 minute film highlighting the most important moments of the event.

A cambodian funeral in the midst of the pandemic

The Funeral video experience

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As we remember our father
and we grieve together,

we realize that grief
is the price we pay for love.

Grief is like the ocean.
It comes on waves,
ebbing and flowing.
Sometimes the worries come…
Sometimes... it's overwhelming…
and all we can do is learn to swim.


You have intense emotions, you don't want to be disturbed by someone filming. I believe that especially at funerals, discretion and respect are essential. I make myself very small to not disturb the funeral process.


Discreet video capturing
Microphones for speeches
A 4-5 minute video
Full ceremony video
Online video gallery
Delivered within 2 weeks


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