Stephanie & Joseph wedding ceremony - Live stream page

Welcome to our Wedding !

Welcome to the page of our wedding ceremony!
We are very excited for this day which will mark the next chapter in our lives and happy to have you with us.
Stephanie & Joseph



A note from the live streaming team  :

We’re really sorry you could’nt watch the ceremony live while it was hapening, we tried everything we could, but the internet connection in the venue was really, really slow. There were just nothing we could do.

We sincerely apologize for the situation, and that we couldnt meet your expectations. We know how this wedding is important for you, and we’re really sorry for your frustration and dissapointment. Unfortunately, sometimes bad situations happens with live streams, which we cannot always control.

On a more positive side, we did capture everything with 4 cameras and 3 microphones, we edited the whole ceremony quickly and it is now available for you to enjoy watching it. We’ve included some great drone shots at the beginning and fun bonuses at the end !!

We hope you will enjoy the video, we really love it and again, sorry for everything !!

PS : I’ve reposted the best wishies from the chat on the right.

Marek Sarosiek




Note :
Due to the live aspect of the video, please take note that if by any chance the video quality is poor, or freezed, please try to reload the page, wait a few minutes and the video should return. If it doesn’t, please be assured it will be available a bit later in the day.

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