Hi, I'm Marek,

A Montreal based Wedding Videographer

For the past 10 years I developed my craft and perfected my style to capture weddings in the absolutely best way possible. From the beginning I always loved the challenge and complexity of creating a wedding film. I pay close attention and I deeply care about who you are and about what’s important for you. I want your film to reflect these elements and make your eyes shine as you watch it. Today I craft these artistic films with passion that I’m proud of and that couples love.

I use my gift of filmmaking to bring you the very best of your wedding,

crafting a film that transcends time.

Icône de coeur, films de mariage à Montréal

" Marek is really professional, pleasant and made sure to really meet our expectations. We could almost forget he was there, which is obviously a good thing because we really want to live every moment. We will cherish our wedding video all our lives.

Gaby & Steven

It’s not for your wedding day...

It’s for when it’s all over.

I capture the soul of a wedding and create artistic and engaging wedding films. The style of my films is emotional, warm and story-driven based on the words of love you shared. The story is authentic and real, it is focused on what makes you unique and the love that unites you. With wedding photography, I freeze time in a moment of intense emotion or beauty with timeless and ‘’in the moment’’ imagery. Wedding videography and wedding photography are so different, but complements each other perfectly.

Icone de coeur, vidéaste de mariage à Montréal